​​Local Board Members            e-mail address 

​                     Cindy Perelli - Chairperson (District Board Designee)    c.perelli@brfdaz.org  

                    Ryan MacNeal - Member (employee elected)                  r.macneal@brfdaz.org                                                Brandon Sewell - Member (employee elected)                  b.sewell@brfdaz.org 

                     Linda Blosser - Secretary (Public Appointee)                   l.blosser@brfdaz.org​                                                  Tammy Rosenhagen - Member (Public Appointee)          t.rosenhagen@brfdaz.org

BRFD PSPRS Local Board Meeting Agenda's & Minutes

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Blue Ridge Fire District

BRFD PSPRS Local Board Quarterly Public Meeting Schedule

March 6th 2019 (8:30 @ BRFD Fire Station)

November 16th 2018 (0830 @ BRFD Fire Station)

March 6th 2019 (0900 @ BRFD Fire Station)

July 18th 2019 (0830 @ BRFD Fire Station)

(subject to change if/when necessary)​

 Public Safety Personnel Retirement System


​​Blue Ridge Fire District Local Board