Blue Ridge Fire District

The Blue Ridge Fire District             Fire/EMS/Rescue Emergency Response in Happy Jack

     Fire/EMS/Rescue Emergency Response in the Happy Jack area dial:

  • Emergency: Dial 9-1-1

         For non-emergencies contact the Blue Ridge Fire District , Happy Jack, AZ at:

  • Mailing address: Blue Ridge Fire District, 5023 Enchanted Lane, Happy Jack, AZ 86024
  • Main phone: 928-477-2751     Fax: 928-477-2765

  • Administration:

           Fire Chief:  Philip E. Paine                                      email: 

           Finance Mgr: Beth Wise                                          email:  

           EMS Coordinator: Billy Chester                               email:

           Training Coordinator: Brandon Sewell                    email:


  • Board of Directors

           Shannon Scott,  Chair                                             email:

           Cindy Perelli,   Clerk                                               email:

​           Monty Blosser, Member                                          email:

           Pete Fenton, Member                                             email:

​           Vacant , Member                                                    email:  

  • Local PSPRS Board of Trustees

           Cindy Perelli, District Board Rep, Chair                    email: 

           Ryan MacNeal, Employee Rep, Secretary                  email:

           Brandon Sewell, Employee Rep                      

           Linda Blosser, Community Rep                                email:

           Tammy Rosenhagen, Community Rep           

  • Other email contacts:

           General information: